How to vape CBD?


So let begin with the first thing you need to know How to vape CBD?

To vape CBD

To vape CBD you need of course an electronic cigarette and a CBD e-liquid. Which means you have to be able to tell the difference between a CBD e-liquid and diluted cannabidiol oil. The difference is significant and the mention is not always clear among the various resellers. CBD oil is made from the base for oral use.

Generally, what is found in e-liquids is crystals (easier to mix) and not pure oil. The oil is not intended for this use and even if some claim that it works, note that it can wear prematurely (see immediately damaging) your equipment and that you lose the primary interest of e-liquid to CBD: there is a only way to do it and we know that it works in a context of vaping, without leading to unpleasant surprises. Small exception in sight: in the United States we are starting to find processes based on oils that do well.

How long does CBD oil keep?

A bottle of CBD oil can be stored for 1 to 2 years after opening. For more details, read the detailed information found on the pages dedicated to each product, or after buying CBD oil, check the information presented on the label of your product.

Before buying CBD oil, make sure that the product does not contain corn syrup, trans fatty acids, GMOs or any artificial additives, diluents or preservatives. It should be just 100% pure. Cannabidiol, terpenes, flavonoids and phenols must be present: they are only preserved, and in optimal proportions, if the production method is correct and gentle. Only then does CBD oil keep all of its active ingredients, and be of impeccable quality, allowing it to be effective in even lower doses.

Prescription cannabis drugs, especially those from the European market, are said to be cannabis-based: they do contain cannabinoids, but these are made synthetically in the laboratory. (More information on this subject, here). It won’t be said often enough, when buying CBD oil, be sure to choose a natural and carefully produced CBD oil.


Different dosages of CBD are available to match the desires:

For a light effect, choose a dosage of 50 to 100 mg
For occasional use, choose a dosage between 150 and 200 mg
For recreational use (seasoned vaper), choose a dosage between 300 and 400 mg
The bottles of e-liquids dosed at 500 mg or more are CBD boosters, to be diluted in a base without nicotine. There are also CBD crystals that can replace boosters.

Never put a CBD oil in an electronic cigarette! You should always spray products specially designed for e-cigs, namely e-liquids.

Is there a risk of overdose?

As with the nicotine contained in e-liquids, there is a risk of overdose. This risk is however unlikely in view of the concentrations required: the only study carried out to date (by “Current Drug Safety”) indicates that a consumption of 1500 mg per day (or three vials of 500 mg) has not caused overdose symptoms.

When overdosed with CBD, the effects are believed to be less painful than when overdosed with nicotine. Overdose can manifest as numbness, a feeling of drowsiness and muscle stiffness.

We advise, despite a reduced risk of overdose, to always consume CBD liquids with caution and moderation.

The differences between CBD and THC

CBD and THC have very similar chemical structures but have completely different effects. Indeed, CBD – which is a legal molecule – has very few proven side effects. CBD helps reduce a state of stress or anxiety, it could also improve the ability to concentrate and has no psychotropic effects. It should be remembered that this has not yet been proven when used in e liquids. What are the positive and negative effects of CBD, identified to date?


The various products available on the market are intended for different types of use: cosmetics, food, etc. Low THC cannabis flowers are offered in particular as tobacco substitute for smokers.

Benefits of CBD:

Fight depression and anxiety attacks with its anxiolytic properties
Fight pain with an analgesic effect
Calming nausea by playing the role of an anti-emetic
Helping people with schizophrenia with anti-psychotic properties
Beneficial in the context of cancer and diabetes treatments.

CBD is not yet fully understood

There is a lot of research still being done to fully understand the benefit and side effects of CBD oil.

How to choose your CBD e liquid?

Know first of all that several factors will influence your CBD e liquid. For example, the power of your electronic cigarette will play in the intensity felt. You do not need to use very powerful equipment with CannaBiDiol to enjoy its benefits. Your personal sensitivity will also be an important factor in the perception that you will have the relaxing effects of the molecule. Some people will be more receptive to CBD than others.

A CBD liquid is made up of four main ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), CBD and, as we saw above, flavorings.

The main purpose of vegetable glycerin is to create steam when heated. Propylene has a double effect, both flavor enhancer, but also producing this very special sensation in the throat and much appreciated by the smoker, which is called the “Hit”. Finally, CannaBiDol provides an anti-stress effect and provides relaxation of the body and the breath.

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